Fulton Lane (but it’s a building not a lane)

Original post 7 March 2017:

FultonLane, #FenderKatsalidis, completed June 2016. Franklin St front. I like that it’s timber and greenery, though it is odd seeing such natural materials dominating, and on such a scale.

FultonLane, #FenderKatsalidis (someone else’s photo), but I wanted to show that the folded spandrel panels and the glazing are very shiny in certain lights, it looks like it’s made out of #squiggles from a distance sometimes. This was the first development in the #queenvictoriamarket area to be allowed to go way over the ‘discretionary’ #heightlimits, like twice the heights (thanks #matthewguy). The limits stepped down towards the market, so that’s why it’s two different heights. They’re about to be scrapped altogether so maybe they’ll add another 10 floors to the shorter one?

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