Facadism in Flinders Street

Original post 12 March 2018:

Great bit of #streetscape in #FlindersStreet, but all is not what it seems. The top two floors were added (and two bays on the right) in 1990 when the two buildings were reduced to facades, and the whole site made a #carpark, with some offices across the front (but different floor levels to the original). The grey one was built in 1899 as the #BallandWelch #departmentstore, designed by #ReedTappinandSmart, while the #queenanne Romanesque part was built as the #CommercialTravellersAssiciation in the same year, the first major design by #TompkinsandTompkins. Both were early examples of #RomanesqueRevival, the club with lots of Queen Anne detail, B&W actually more like giant classical arcading. The facades are supposed to be restored with the top floors rebuilt as offices (swipe to see), got a permit a while ago, but nothings happened. Great pity that they’re planning to break the cornice line with the infill bit. @ Secure Parking Flinders Gate

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