Art Deco McDonalds

Original post 17 March 2019:

Can’t wander round #QueensParadeCliftonHill without snapping this one ! The United Kingdom Hotel, 1938, by far the most striking of the #ArtDeco pubs in Melbs (maybe because many are makeovers of Victorian pubs). Designed by #JamesWardrop, who also did the fab #AlkiraHouse, and before that co-designed the Shrine. He designed this pub very much like a 30s pub in NSW, where loads were rebuilt in striking Deco style, often in the dark brown brick that they liked up there, with loads of curves. The thin sweeping balcony/sunshade are his own invention though, and he went vaguely Tudor for the eaves brackets on the sides. And yes better without the McD signs. Wardrop followed this up with the Orrong Hotel, also inspired by NSW pubs, but the exterior not nearly as fab. Old photo is 1964 from @library_vic in which it looks

shorter – think my photo adds distortion.

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