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Intentionally uneven arches on Beaconsfield Parade

‘Shandon’ sits majestically on #BeaconsfieldParade near Fitzroy St #StKilda, looking might fine. Built 1885, no architect, but the unusual ‘uneven arcading’ is supposedly inspired by Pistoia Cathedral, but this is actually way more uneven. Also interesting that it’s built like a mini-palace, with the main rooms on the first floor up a grand staircase, with … Continue reading Intentionally uneven arches on Beaconsfield Parade

Sun Blest, so cute.

#SunBlest - so very #instagrammable - this #VictorianVilla in #BlessingtonStreet, #StKilda shows what was left after (presumably) a built-in verandah was removed, with the internal paint left. But it also has 50s wrought-iron and funny crazy paved stepped walls, shouldn’t be there if it was built in ....maybe artfully rearranged ? A witty 1980s or … Continue reading Sun Blest, so cute.