St Jude’s, Carlton

#StJudesCarlton, one if the earliest #LombardicRomanesque (actually #GothicRevival) #polychromebrick designs by #JosephReedArchitect. It was a great statement by the Anglican community in the 1860s (built 1866-1870), though they didn’t have enough to finish the tower.

The parish have just redone all the #tuckpointing and they’re going to build a new entrance at the back end, relocating from the odd steep stairs at the front. (Where it looks like Reed actually misjudged the steepness of the slope).

More on #StJudesCarlton – my shots were 2018, when they were working on all this, after a very damaging fire in 2014, completed in 2019 (I guess). They added to the back and underneath and the gap between the church and the hall, creating lots of useable spaces, and in a rather smart move, turned the chairs around inside so you now entry from the rear, which is street level rather than up some steep stairs. The work is by @armarchitecture; this is the church of one of the principals, #HowardRaggatt. The spiky entry thing is a reference to Vault, the yellow sculpture now next to ACCA, but originally in the city square. All photos from them or @primetileandstone, I havnt actually gone back yet, but I think it’s fine, thorough maybe I would have used some brick and less glass.

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