St Kilda Triangle

Plans for the #StKildaTriangle are in the news today so here’s my (terrible) sketches I did for the #communityconsultation in 2012.

Having gone to a number of sessions, hearing that most people wanted green space, I came up with a #CarloCatani-style palm tree avenue linking a forecourt in front of the Palais straight to the beach. Grass, fountains, paths, kiosks in the rest, with function centre /cabaret attached to the Palais (because why not ?). And widening Jacka Blv a bit so there could be a median with trees. And an alternative with more hard landscaping, like sculptures, art, interactive stuff, even artificial ‘trees’ that provide shade, light up etc. Oh, and carparking goes underground, I don’t seem to have drawn that in….

And lastly the Council’s sketch of the result of all that consultation from 2015, which looks a lot like mine ! With extra shops.

See the sea ?

Idea 1, formal avenue, lawns

Idea 2, creative landscaping.

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