Art Deco landmark – Mitchell House, Harry Norris, 1937

#MitchellHouse, #HarryNorris, 1937 – I remember when only us #archinerds admired this building, sitting rather prominently on the edge of the retail district, full of odd little showrooms and companies and architects offices – now it’s full of #creativeindustries, super well known, and also right now surrounded by cranes, even that danger wiring stuff in front, why is that there ?? So much #urbanchaos. Last pic from 10 years ago.

FunFact : was originally intended to be #LimitHeight, that is built up to the #132ftheightlimit, about 11 floors, think the proportions would have been a bit odd of it had. FunFact 2: there was a proposal to add those floors in the 90s, or rather facade the building and do a tower set back a little, not the original scheme at all, think that prompted the successful nomination to the #VictorianHeritageRegister, protecting the wonderful intact interiors, as well as the exterior…hmm maybe not, it was only #heritagelisted in 2010, the last pic is theirs.

#MitchellHouse, found the original #HarryNorris design, from a 1937 Herald article when the current building was completed “in only five months”. So if the second stage had happened, it would have had more floors and more on the right, and a taller top to the vertical bit, which also looks more angular.

The article was quite effusive : “Essentially modern in design…the building is notable for vast expanse of glass – 10,000 feet in total area…In place of conventional windows, walls of transparent glass about 10ft high sweep around the entire frontages of each floor…”. “The main entrance to the building is from Lonsdale Street, and at once a modern note is struck by the high ceiling carried out in horizontal lines, and the terrazzo floor in attractive patterns.” Second photo early 1980s, Graeme Butler via Flickr.

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