Dorijo, East Melbourne, another IG Anderson triumph

Not large but manages to impress, with its deep scoring and prominent tower – #Dorijo, #VictoriaParade, #EastMelbourne, by #IGAnderson, 1934; Anderson went on to do a whole lot of flats after this, mostly with that extra bit of flair, like this one (just renovated after years of flaking pink paint, with a name possibly made out of the owners wife’s name Doris Joseph) – he was a very creative architect, at least from c1930, when he did a coupe of wild Moderne Gothic things, then his own version of #ArtDeco, then after WW2 moved to Tasmania and did lots of great 50s stuff, though I think his 30s work the most outstanding. Is just realised one reason it’s stands out so much is – no balconies or sunshade at all ! Must get hot in those front rooms.

I mean, just look at these details – #Dorijo, #VictoriaParade, 1934, #IGAnderson – he liked #planar shapes, here they are piled up to make a kind of turret – his one on now demolished #LonsdaleHouse was similar, but bigger.

I took this photo in 2014, it looked like this for a long time.

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