Sargood Warehouse, John Sulman, 1899

Hmm might have been better with wide angle and not strong sunlight…. anyway, this is the terrific #SargoodWarehouse in #FlindersLane, terribly important as one if the earliest and the most inventive #TallArchedRedBrickRomanesque building in #Melbourne, built 1899 (check out the spindly timber framed bowed windows Iberia 3 floors !). A local version of the American #RomanesqueRevival that dominated the next 10 years of #citybuildings especially #warehouses, especially in Flinders Lane, then the centre of the #ragtrade. Curiously this was designed by Sydney architect #JohnSulman (as #SulmanAndPowers, and of the #SulmanMedal and the #SulmanPrize), one of only a few of his bigger buildings to survive – the man is more famous than his buildings, since he was later a lecturer and committee man. FunFacts: this is only half, it used to go right through to Flinders Street (that half replaced by the 1931#SECbuilding now a Unilodge), showing how great the fabric import/export business was for #FrederickSargood, who built the fab #RipponLeaEstate on the profits, and the co kept going for ages, building another Sargood Warehouse further up the lane in 1928, now apartments. Since 1987 it’s been owned by the #RossHouse charity whose main deal is leasing affordable office space here to community groups.

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