Avenue Court, another great block of flats by I G Anderson, 1934.

The really very interesting #AvenueCourt by #IGAnderson, 1934. Described at the time as showing how ‘deeply the machine era is impressing itself on residential work’, I guess meaning it was new and different and modem, rather than implying stark modernism, coz this is more about plastic overlapping curved forms. It’s also interestingly open- it’s a block of 9, with stacks of three separated by stairs and walkways, letting light into the middle. Anderson uses his signature railings, with attached short bits for extra ooopmh; sadly sort of filled with OH&S plastic. Excuse the contorted photos, another #damntree.

This looks like some 1980s idea of #ArtDeco thing, not no it is Art Deco, in fact pretty early, 1934, the date that #RobinBoyd called the ‘1934 revolution’, though he started with MacRobertson Girls High, being European Modern. This marks the entry to #AvenueCourt flats in Victoria Street #AlbertPark, by #IGAnderson, who went on to lots more similar.

Recent real estate :

A flat in the rear block

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