‘Ostend’, fab Deco in Brighton

Another #IGAnderson creation from 1935, possibly the best one, #OstendFlats, sits boldly on the ‘golden mile’ of #BrightonVictoria, the only bit where properties have beach frontage, and this is the only #blockofflats. Great series of horizontal curves, opposed by the vertical stepped feature of the ‘tower’. Those things at the bottom were #boatsheds, not sure if anyone uses them for boats now. Most of the balconies have been filled in, but still looks great. Not on the #VictorianHeritageRegister but should be, but then not in any danger.

The ‘back’ of #OstendFlats, #Brighton, faces the street, and is made up of complicated external stairs inside tower-things, just great (need to get there in the morning). #IGAnderson, 1935.

From real estate listings :

No 6, there’s a plan, but it’s been quite altered.

Whereas no 7, no plan, but so many nice details inside !

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