The Block 2019, transforming the Oslo / Westbourne Terrace

14 February:

The #OsloHostel on its way to becoming #theBlock2019. The cypresses are gone, the Deco extension is next, and the fence is dismantled for future reinstatement when it becomes five huge houses again, as it was in 1861 (but with more rooms !) when it was built as Westbourne Terrace.

13 March 2019:

The #OsloHostel’s transformation into 5 huge houses for #theblock2019 continues. Looks like they’ve put in nice doors and windows that look like interpretive Victorian rather than trying to be exact since the originals long gone.

#OsloHostel transformation into 5 huge houses for #thebock2019 continues – all the rear stuff including a 1910s 4 storey has been demolished revealing 1850s doors and windows, now covered over again, and loads of steel put up for the new rear wings (why so much steel ?) and half of one early? original ? outbuilding left, hardly worth bothering.

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