My grandfathers house, Balwyn, late 40s

The house my grandfather built in the late 40s on the corner of Percy and Gordon Street, #Balwyn – much smaller than I remember! Takes up so little of the block. Pretty sure there were far more trees, it looks rather sad. Nice combo of vaguely Georgian and Modern. I remember having windows that went so low was a bit radical. Lounge dining to the left, main bed in the right. One bathroom. Very neat. They had great pull down stripy blinds, now there’s nothing. The woodwork was a bright 50s blue, the garage blue and white chequerboard. The high timber ‘back garden’ fence with rescued cast-iron panels he put up in the 70s still there. But no trees at all. The street used to be all small interwar brick villas or timber cal bungs, hardly any left, the one right across the street is another Tuscan/French/Georgian just built where I think my German relatives lived, their son married my mothers sister (and the mothers in law did not get along !). Many get together with the cousins here. My grandfather died 1977, and grandmother lived here till her stroke about 1986.

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