My 2nd Godmother got a write up in Australian Home Beautiful in 1953.

This article in #AustralianHomeBeautiful Feb 1953 features a flat in Kew belonging to Mrs L Y Sher who was my second (unofficial) #godmother Eve Sher ! – who I knew in the 70s and 80s as a short squat lovely lady who said dahlink a lot, lived in a high rise flat in Toorak and always arrived at my house on my birthday with a #blackforestcake she had baked herself ! She also made a great kugelhof. She was a friend of my mother’s, with United Nations charity and liberal party associations. When I started studying architecture she said she had studied ‘at the Sorbonne’ and designed the interior of her flat herself – it was a bit gaudy, with mirrored walls etc so I always assumed she was exaggerating, but probably not ! She was obviously well into design in the 50s with hand made lamps by Gabreilla Matves, furniture by Robert Rosh, sculpture by Tina Wenscher ! So many different ones, made of wood, bamboo, string, wire, beaten copper, raffia, bronze mesh, leather, buckram…why have one when you can have 10 ? Eve had quite a backstory which I heard bits of, but was so interesting she got recorded by the #NationalLibraryofAustralia when she was in her 90s just before she died in 2004….born in 1909 (or 1911?) in a small mostly Jewish town on the Moldova/Ukraine border (an area sometimes called #Bessarabia), she was 8 or 9 years old when the Russian revolution came to town, with Cossacks wreaking havoc (not sure which side) and a few years later she managed to get out arriving in Paris in her teens; meanwhile her town was taken over by Romania, but the Bolsheviks came back and executed all the lawyers and doctors including her father ! After that her mother got out too, they had relatives in Paris; and also Jerusalem, where Eve went soon after, having got married already, then maybe stayed there a while, arriving in Melbourne in 1937.

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