Preston Motors, a Moderne city showroom (and a bit of family history)

23 March 2019:

Another bit of family history – after graduating from Commerce from #MelbourneUniversity, my mother in about 1955 instead of becoming a stock broker like she wanted got a job here at #PrestonMotors (now #PMautomotivegroup), in this great streamline Deco / #Moderne #carshowroom on the corner of Russell and #LittleCollinsStreet almost exactly when this photo was taken in 1956. (thanks @heraldsunphoto_retro [The Argus]). I knew it was there, but havnt see such a good photo; there were a number of car dealers around that corner. This one dem in the late 60s, eventually #120Collins built there. Mum made lots of great friends there, and got to use the car-lift, some great hand and rope operated thing, she was slim and blond, but determined. Sadly never got to be a stock broker, but later made some $ from the Poseidon bubble, paid for our kitchen Lino floor in 1970; meanwhile she’d become a school teacher, like so many other women, but didn’t stop there, agitating for equal pay and getting it in 1971, and other stuff too…..FromPMGroup website, looks c1940:

One thought on “Preston Motors, a Moderne city showroom (and a bit of family history)

  1. Preston Motors at 104 Russell Street, were of course most famous for being the primary distributing Victorian dealer for Chevrolet & Buick. These two brands play a much more important roll in Preston Motors history and in particular their stunning Russell Street showroom with its unique curved windows, than the Holden brand ever did.

    Preston Motors continued to sell new Chevrolets and Buicks well into the early 1970s. I am the proud owner of a fully restored 1962 Chevrolet Impala 4 door hardtop that was displayed as a new car in the Preston Motors showroom at 104 Russell Street. On July 7, 1962 this Chevrolet Impala was driven away from the Preston Motors dealership by its first owner. I am the cars second owner and have owned it since 1977. My Impala is an important part of Preston Motors history. It still has the same Victorian registration number that was applied to it when it was delivered as a new car!

    I have many childhood memories of visiting this dealership. My first visit was in 1964 when the then Sales Manager for Buick & Chevrolet, Mr. R. B. Callaghan showed me the then new ‘64 model Chevrolet Impalas and Belairs. I could go on and on. Great memories.

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