Preston Motors, a Moderne city showroom (and a bit of family history)

Another bit of family history – after graduating from Commerce from #MelbourneUniversity, my mother in about 1955 instead of becoming a stock broker like she wanted got a job here at #PrestonMotors (now #PMautomotivegroup), in this great streamline Deco / #Moderne #carshowroom on the corner of Russell and #LittleCollinsStreet prob exactly when this photo was taken in 1956. (thanks @heraldsunphoto_retro [The Argus]). I knew it was there, but havnt see such a good photo; there were a number of car dealers around that corner. This one dem in the late 60s, eventually #120Collins built there. Mum made lots of great friends there, and got to use the car-lift, some great hand and rope operated thing, she was tiny and blond, but determined. Sadly never got to be a stock broker, made some $ from the Poseidon bubble though, paid for our kitchen Lino floor in 1970; meanwhile she’d become a school teacher, like so many other women, but didn’t stop there, agitating for equal pay and getting it in 1971, and other stuff too…..

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