South Yarra Post Office Castle – but not for long.

The #SouthYarraPostOffice has a good dollop of #ScottishBaronial, with the turret, #steppedgables, and castle-like verticality (better before the #damntrees) perched on the edge of a cliff !(ok #railwaycutting). This has been the office of architect #BruceHenderson for ages, I think the extension has been extended; it looks ok, suitably recessive. #AJMacDonald, 1893.

☹️😮 just learned that a development right next to the #SouthYarraPostOffice over the rail lines got a permit last year ! So that great long view of the ‘cliff’ side will disappear. There will be sort of a gap, a bit built up, so you’ll still see the whole thing, but only close up. There’s a nice angled line in the landscaping allowing the whole side to be seen (except they’ve shown a #damntree right in front, but there’s no depth in the slab so maybe would just be a bush really), but only the top 2 floors; would like to see another angled cut out, it’s only empty plaza, maybe expose a bit of the rail line, which would be fine, and better than just a kind of a ditch ! A design and development by @bharchitects it seems. Images and plans from report to Stonnington Council, Oct 2018.

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