South Yarra Post Office – Romanesque/Scottishness/Australiana

Another fave, the #SouthYarraPostOffice, possibly the best work by #AJMacDonald, the very inventive architect in the #publicworksdepartment who managed to design a bunch of POs and court houses in the early 1890s that just managed to get built before the depression stopped everything. This one finished in 1893, the year the banks nearly went bust and everybody’s real estate investments were suddenly worthless. They’re all eclectic, this one combining #RomanesqueRevival with #ScottishBaronial or is it Flemish #steppedgable with a #queenanne #orielwindow and lashings of carved ornament (or it might be #terracotta, not sure, too much paint). Definitely look better in angled views. Not sure what that big semi circle in the gable is though. There’s a separate door to the upstairs, #circularstair !, prob the postmaster’s residence, and another to the basement, perhaps the telegraph office, and there’s a hatch, wonder what for ??

Finally found myself next to the 1893 former #SouthYarraPostOffice with its famous panels of Australia #florandfauna; I can see koala, #bluetoungelizard, #emu, #lyrebird, and a #wallaby I think. Hours of fun, lots of #numbats or are they #bilby, one of the tiny very endangered ones I guess, shows I don’t know my oz animals very well. Can’t find any detail on who designed these panels, perhaps the architect #AJMacDonald did, but they’re great ! The oz foliage all curly made into almost William Morris patterns ….and there’s some traditional stuff too, the British and Australian Shields.

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