Unusual Edwardian house, South Melbourne (with some Australian Ballet history).

A big house on a small site on #FerrarsPlace, #SouthMelbourne, so it ends up looking like flats, which it is now (or rather a #roominghouse I think). Built in 1901, originally called ‘#Arrou’, and designed by #WilliamSalway, a very unusual #QueenAnne/ #Edwardian (aka Federation) style, with a single large roof and that entry arch, but the #turnedtimber of the #verandah on the right is a bit more typical, but not really. I guess this was right at the beginning of the Melb version of Edwardian/Quenanne, the first examples of what would become the norm in the 1900s appearing in the late 1890s in places like Malvern and Camberwell. Salway did well in the 1880s and was one of the relatively few to do well again after the 1890s depression. Additional info : @billittaust says that it was the home of Zillah Ingram from (not sure) till late 60s, raised 8 kids by herself, owned numerous properties in the area, and her youngest son was Geoffrey Ingram who was a ballet dancer in the 40s and 50s then one of the people who created and then ran the Australian Ballet in the early 60s and had many parties in the ballroom here (there’s a ballroom !)

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