Metro Tunnel ‘Eastern portal’.

#MetroTunnelProject – the ‘eastern portal’ is where the trains from the Dandenong line will head underground, and it’s happening here off #ToorakRoad, before #SouthYarraStation, taking out a bit of that funny little park I’ve never been to. I think this is what the huge Easter shutdown is all about. Not sure exactly what it will look like, despite finding the plans, but seems that the Sandringham tracks on the right stay the same, while the middle tracks on the left go under, with 3 left, 2 running over them, into SouthY as now for Frankston trains, also freight and country trains. It’s all supposed to be finished by 2025, but I guess the main tunnel works will be done by …2022 ? 23? though they’ll be using this area up to the end for getting things in and out. This plan doesn’t show the proposed deck on Toorak Rd I posted a few weeks ago, which I guess could happen any time. What a load of #infrastructure !

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