Holy Name, Reservoir, 1964. It’s a bit fishy.

#HolyNameReservoir, 1964, very interesting; impressive but not dominating, in fact nice garden front (ex fountain) and low embracing porch in copper; the very #Ronchamp #belltower was added later maybe so people could see it from a distance. Designed by #JPSaraty, can’t find any info, presume he was Czech or Hungarian. The mad wire frame enamel art added 1969 is by Czech born artist #VoitreMarek. Plaque about #VaticanII, which clearly influenced the curved fan shaped layout. My pics not so good (cars !) so first one from #Starkitecture blog.

And the plan is very curvy, and as many pointed out, like the ancient Christian fish symbol as above, though if you ask me it isn’t much like that fish symbol, but it’s a bit fishy.

They were just taking communion so I couldn’t get good inside shots, so the ones with no people are from the great #Starkitecture blog. It looks smaller than I expected, and a bit plain inside really, but the glass is special, poking in from behind, and I guess it’s a welcoming interior, rather than impressive. All that carpet and things around the walls. They had a little band playing a nice uplifting song too….

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