Ermin Smrekar’s St Luke’s, Lalor, just fantastic.

#StLukesLalor, 1975 by my fave #emigrearchitect #ErminSmrekar; very Wrightian, but madly geometrical where he would be a bit more purist. Looong cantilevers (sadly now propped with tiny steel posts) with inset drains into planters, looks triangular but actually rectangular on top of long angular bits, wonder what the structure is like ??? Very complicated 3D roof, seemingly held apart by the glass, supposed to be like praying hands. Sharp hands. ….( trees and sun weren’t helping yesterday)

Pity about those posts

The drain goes into the planter !

45 * looks v sharp

The interior is a fantastically complicated thing, showing some amazing creativity from #ErminSmreker; I mean I was there and I’m not sure how that roof goes or how it stays up ! The #stainedglass windows are in a triangular section that seems to cantilever half way in…

I guess this bit hangs from above.

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