St Bernards, Coburg, 1955; simple geometries, lovely atmosphere.

#GoodFriday is a great day to see churches – so glad I got to #StBernardsCoburg, hadn’t found any photos of the inside of this 1955 #semicircular church, and it’s great !

Tall, sweeping, simple yet grand, no complicated stained glass but lovely light, and all original including the #pews and the #linoleum floor with a cross ! I like the row of posts around the outside edge and the highlight windows, facing east. This very non-traditional layout is waaay before #VaticanII. Here is the City of Moreland heritage listing (its a bit short).  Designed by a Jewish Romanian #emigrearchitect by the name of #GregorHirsch, who arrived in 1949 after spending the war in Kolkata, where he apparently converted to Catholicism. He named his firm CONARG (Contemporary Architecture Group) you can find his biography at the Dictionary of Unsung Architects. A facebook acquaintance who worked for him as a student said he was not a gruff Eastern European as I imagined, but kind, generous, and hands-on.

One of the parishioners asked after the priests health, saying he didn’t look well.

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