An early foray into QueenAnne by Charles D’Ebro, 1889.

I took this photo in Elizabeth Street just up from Collins in February and wondered what was going on- turns out it’s yet another building long abandoned above the ground floor (due to a crackdown on #fireregulations in the 70s) and like the one next door I posted yesterday it’s being restored as offices – for @plusarchitecture. It was built in 1889 for McLean Bros #ironmongers and furniture , and designed by #CharlesDEbro in a style hovering between typical #RenaissanceRevival and the new #QueenAnne, in fact it’s so odd especially that top pediment I always thought it was more like 1901, but I was wrong. From the mid 1890s it was G Robertson books & stationers ‘for 80 years’ and then it was Angus & Robertson (no connection unless they bought it, and now it’s officeworks!). I do hope they’ll do some better colour scheme, it really should be just unpainted grey or maybe ochre limewash, that would be nice.

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