Lonsdale Street Power Station – at least it’s still there.

The rather splendid #EconomiserBuilding in #LittleBourkeStreet was built in 1908 as part of the #LonsdaleStreetPowerStation, first built by the #CityOfMelbourne in 1894 to supply the new fangled electric #streetlights. When the #UpperWestSide development was first proposed about 2010 it was going to be demolished along with the whole of the power station despite being #heritagelisted, and the compromise was to take the roof off and stick columns in to hold up the carpark above, and then put the roof back. When I was at the #nationaltrust I made a fuss, and managed to get #CotteeParker to move the columns back and reduce the size of the overhang, which is better, but it’s still mostly built over compared to its original freestanding character. I havnt been to #higherground, but it looks surprisingly spacious, it’s really quite large inside.

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