Good Taste Georgian in South Yarra (and East St Kilda)

I do like a good bit of Mock Georgian Good Taste #sillyness- which I associate with the 1950s, but this one, ‘#Coniston’, in Walsh Street #SouthYarra is actually c1940, designed by prolific flat designer #ArthurPlaisted. A bit of a decorative cornice, some tall #multipanewindows, some Regency via Hollywood #wroughtiron, and fully fledged #CorinthianColumns. This style mainly found in South Yarra through Toorak to Armadale I think rather than say St Kilda, you know, in the ‘nice’ areas.

Update : placated designed at least 2 others similar both also c1940, Corio 304 Dandenong Rd and Castle Village 39-41 Kensington Rd SY. Plaisted perhaps best known for Castle Towers in Walsh St SY 1941 matches its name complete with battlements!

Dandenong Rd East St Kilda
Kensington Rd Sth Yarra

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