Yarrabee, a bit of Bauhaus in Melbs, Romberg & Shaw, 1940.

This is Yarrabee in Walsh Street #SouthYarra, the less well known one of the really Quite Interesting #blocksofflats designed by German background, Swiss trained architect #FrederickRomberg, after he arrived in 1938 and before the war, as part of Romberg & Shaw, with #MaryTurnerShaw. Built in 1940, this one goes through to the ‘back’ in Mona Place, actually more striking, with these thrusting balconies in concrete with wavy edges made by using #corrugatediron as the formwork, which he had done the year before at Newburn in Queens Rd. The entry in the middle has a curved canopy and circular skylights, which he scaled up for #Stanhill in Queens Rd, built after the war. Great off-form conc on the back servants stairs. It’s a block of 5, but almost all different, with a big 3 bed duplex occupying the top two floors at this end, built for the owners/developers (hmmm a good model I think for redevelopment now !). So much glass for prewar #Melbourne. Sadly there’s a terrible carport and the #creambrick is painted a dull #greygreen. Still the duplex sold for $2.2mill 4 years ago, and it does look fine ! Very detailed Wikipedia article if you’re interested.

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