City of Melbourne Building, again

Always always always worth it – the #CityOfMelbourneBuilding is small but packs a punch, with all that wonderful eclectic detailing, a bit #Queenanne, and bit Flemish, a bit #FrenchRenaissance, and very pointy, complete with very tall totally intact #castiron #finials. Built 1888, designed by #EllerkerAndKilburn, of whom #WHEllerker did that church in South Melb I posted the other day 14 years earlier. Update : contemporary reports said it was Ellerker & Kilburn ‘in cooperation with’ #SmithAndJohnson, and much more prolific firm, and neither of them seem to have done Queen Anne before, guess someone wanted to make a statement!

Repost 8 October 2014: I reckon these #toilets here might be original cos they’re in a sort of #attic up their own stairs then a short open balcony, and that’s where toilets were before the #sewering of #Melbourne in the 1890s. It was so the #smell would go up and out….

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