Stanhill, early Modern landmark, gives good canopy.

The marvellous entrance of #Stanhill in Queens Road, Melbourne’s most prominent example of pre-war European Modernism – designed 1943 though not built 1947-50, by which time it was a bit retro! The architect was German native Swiss trained #FrederickRomberg. Love the fee form, the dramatic cantilever, the all glass enclosure in very thin steel frames, and the column #fluting. Said to have been inspired by #AalvarAalto’s 1933 #PaimioSanatorium, which does have a similar canopy, and his #ViipuriLibrary has the same circular skylights – but as Harriet Edquist pints out also similar to the entry canopy of #StephensonTurner’s King George Hospital in Sydney built 1941, and Romberg had worked there… anyway it’s not a copy of either, it is I think a bit better !

Viipuri Library
King George V Hospital

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