Stanhill, Modernist landmark, Frederick Romberg, 1947-50

#Stanhill in Queens Road is thrillingly #Modernist, all off-white concrete and huge areas of glass, a set of stacked volumes that get higher and step forward, giving every flat great views over the oval to #AlbertPark. Designed by #FrederickRomberg in 1943, built 1947-50, a time when restrictions meant not much was being built, let alone a modern-as-tomorrow block of high rise luxury flats. (though the style was just a bit out of date by then). Quite unique.

The back of #Stanhill is very photogenic (but hard to get into the frame!), dominated by these great long access balconies, which tend to be called ‘functionalist’ but that’s not a style – they’re just Modernist or even #StreamlinedModerne, and actually odd to have in such a luxury block, lots of flats actually have big window walls facing them ! I suppose only a few neighbours would be wandering past. The great views though huge windows on the other side compensate. Interesting that the ‘notorious’ developer Stanley Korman decorated his flat in a sort of frilly Hollywood glamour style rather than 50s modern. (@state_library_victoria, 1953).

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