The original facadism – Smith Street Safeways.

A famous bit of #heritagecompromise in #SmithStreetCollingwood (actually the #Fitzroy side). I don’t have the details but some time in the 1980s Safeway’s supermarket bought the old #AckmansStore and demolished everything but the very front wall, and put a rooftop carpark behind it for good measure. Found a couple of old pics, they took a floor off, that’s a shame. Kept the great #ArtNouveau curly #wroughtiron sign though. The middle bit actually built as the #CollingwoodCoffeePalace in 1879, the first #CoffeePalace in Australia, would have had a grand dining room and maybe billiard room, but taken over by Ackmans maybe 30 years later, adding a floor. Last pic c1980.

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