Footscray Town Hall, exotic styling from 1936

#FootscrayTownHall, #JosephPlottel, 1936. A delightful essay in a very American mode, a combo of Bryzantine and Florentine, it’s more about effect than an accurate style, with lovely variegated brickwork and very crisp detailing in buff-coloured #faience, which goes a bit Celtic. Plottel had done the St Kilda Synagogue in the 20s in a more clearly Byzantine style, and family connections got him a lot of work in Footscray, and this is his triumph ! I see why all photos are at an angle, it’s those #damntrees, which might be original planting -what were they thinking ? Very nice #Moderne style interiors by the look, but no actual hall. Great driveways and lamps, but the whole thing is sort of perched on a steep underpass, why did they do that ? Of course! It was a #levelcrossing, listed as one of Melbs most annoying in 1954.

From the Joseph Plottel collection at the State Library Victoria so probably just after completion.
The Herald 25 May 1954

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