St Kilda Boer War Memorial – Art Nouveau by the beach.

#BoerWar Memorial, #AlfredSquare, #StKilda, 1905; designed by #ArthurPeck, though its assumed that it’s probably also/mostly #RobertHaddon, who consulted a lot, and was almost the only architect in Victoria to fully embrace #ArtNouveau, and this has all the sinuous lines and vegetal motifs of that style. Also, it’s green, so green. No idea if it’s meant to represent something, like an #obelisk ? A #cenotaph ? And don’t know what the shields supported on those iron structure are exactly. It’s great though. Also just revealed again after being behind a lined box for a month – I assume to fix the rather cracked tiles, but they look the same ! Maybe shinier. And last time I posted it in 2015 it had a light on top…

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