Hidden Heritage of Fitzroy Street

December 19 2019:

Glimpsed before this view disappears for another 50 years or more – this is one the row of four 1880s row-mansions behind the shops on #FitzroyStreetStKilda, which are all set back the same, and all had shops built in the front gardens from the 1930s-1950s. Surprisingly three of them kept their verandahs, with the back wall of the shops built right in front. The most famous one is Brooklawn, with one shop removed in the 90s revealing the grand entrance. This one was built 1881, and called The Villa, and by 1924 was a guest house called Warrencourt, with ‘double and single vacancy’ – and tennis.

Post 24 February 2018:

#HiddenHeritage in #StKilda; this one was built in 1881, called The Villa, one of four in a row of large #minimansions, all setback behind large gardens, that lined this part of #FitzroyStreetStKilda. Three are still there with shops built in front; you can just see the edge of one to the left, the one on the right was demolished. The shops here were built in the 1950s.

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