Fun with heritage colours in Elizabeth Street – from the 80s

A faded example of 1980s playfulness with ‘#heritagecolours’, grabbing whatever they liked from a page that probably included colours only used for interiors, ignoring the fact that they were only ever plain grey #cementrender or sometimes ochre #limewash – not that I’m complaining, at least this one is relatively restrained, and so old it looks a bit antique itself. Built as a branch of the #BankofAustralasia in 1883, designed by #ReedAndBarnes, only about 8 mins walk from the grand 1876 HQ on Collins St, also by R&B, this one almost a restrained version, same completely rusticated ground level, and clustered pilasters and arched windows. Also some nice #castiron things st the bottom of the windows, unusually fiddly for a bank. I seem to remember a very fragrant leather shop there, maybe in the 90s, with big old racks. Now a noodle shop with a ‘luxurious’ residence on the top floor.

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