Mid Century Modern at Petersville – my strongly worded letter actually helped !

OMG Ive made a (small) difference – the @heritagecouncilvic accepted my argument that the rear wing of the 1963 #Petersville administration building by #DGraemeLumsden was just as important as the front ! Even without going, just from my written submission! The new owners want to build offices all round, and a carpark where the rear wing is, so they didn’t want it listed, and #heritagevictoria themselves tried to list it as ‘Contributory’, which it sort of is, but they tried to say that it wasn’t State level – when of course it was all built as one, and the rear wing still has the canteen room, offices with Lino floor corridor, loading dock etc all important and integral elements of what is was, even if it doesn’t have a wavy roof. I said that’s like trying to list a terrace house without the rear wing. And the Council agreed ! Goodness me. I’d forgotten that was happening too, I’d nominated it in 2017….not sure why I did that… hmmm I never did mine my own memories of #PetersIceCream, from the 70s, we had a local #milkbar with everything ..mmmmm id like a #barneybanana right now ! But #ZigAndZag were always a bit scary. Old men in makeup.

Update : they appealed the listing if the rear wing, which Update : they opposed listing the rear wing to the Heritage Council, which was unsuccessful, so it’s all protected – found a mention that the developers are looking to upgrade the original building into ‘an amenity’, and have built one new office block.

Text from earlier post May 2019:

Just heard my nomination to #HeritageVictoria of the #PetersvilleIceCream factory admin building was successful ! It was locally protected, but about to be refurbed as offices, losing the rear wing, and the interior wasn’t protected. Their report has some historic pics I hadn’t seen, showing the #undercroft was more open originally. Built in suburban #Mulgrave, designed by #DGraemeLumsden, one of the few commercial designers in Victoria who departed from #modernist norms into … fun ! A #sinecurve #shellconcrete roof, and a specially made #honeycomb #screen to the first floor, all of which sort of hovers over the inset ground level.

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