Rising from the ashes in Middle Park – though not completely…..

First posted Instagram 6 January 2020

The 1906 #MiddleParkStation has finally been rebuilt having been destroyed by fire in early 2018; it was a very popular cafe #mart130, but those operators couldn’t wait this long to get back, so I guess it’s up for lease ? Not quite finished, yet to put back the verandah, and the door seems to be in a different spot ? And already graffiti’d or should I say of course it’s graffiti’d since there’s no one in it.

Update 12 January:

So #MiddleParkStation is going to stay like this ! Even though the canopy was quite undamaged. I have just been told (by @heartmiddlepark) that @yarratrams argued against restoring the canopy (with whom I’m not sure since they own it, but presumably @cityofportphillip) and got their way – and again I’m presuming but most likely they didn’t want to put it back because like the new train stations they think there’s some kind of danger with structures close to vehicles and wires, though what I’m not sure since there’s never been any kind of accident ….so now I’m thinking if they knew it was going to be a problem, then they should have rebuilt the thing further back – more room for outdoor diners too. Idiots.

Update: 4 Feb:

Council tells me that they are putting a canopy back, but it has to be 700mm shorter in order to be the (new) regulation 2700 from the overhead elec wire.

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