What should a new civic plaza be like ?

The new #CatoSquare in #Prahran …. I think suffers from the #publicplaza design problem of trying to cater for too much stuff, ending up reliant on programmed events, a bit like FedSq – also from the odd decision to make the whole thing semi-enclosed, with three raised sides, and a cafe (not yet open) on the other, open at the corners, only one side is actual grass. Ends up with a LOT of concrete, glaring in the summer sun, better when the planting matures, like in the renders (which make it look heavily planted, it’s a long way from that, maybe more could have been trucked in more mature in the first place ?). It certainly wasn’t empty on a Sunday, though most seemed to be just having a look, the only bit occupied was the gassed bank, quite popular. I think we just don’t know what to do with a plaza in a Melb, people only understand grass and trees, but then unshaded concrete goes to far on the other direction, it was a bit too hot to sit ! The fountain wasn’t going which would at least provide something to look at, and for the kids to play with. Not sure what the rockery side is for, strolling ?? And there’s a very odd conc rim around all three banks, would make a good walk but it’s steeply sloped …

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