Ch 9 is now flats ! Industrial conversion in Richmond

Didn’t know this loomed quite so much ! Now on its fourth life; built as the #WertheimPiano factory in Richmond in 1909, designed by #NahumBarnet, became the Heinz canned soup factory in the 30s with little change, then in 1956 Melb’s first commercial #TVstation moved in – #Channel9 (we never called it GTV). Just been turned into apartments (of course), elegantly designed by @kerstin_thompson_architects, with a little cafe along a walk-thru into a courtyard, and the ex-#studio1 is the community room. (Personally I think at least the front of the main building could have been offices or studios, most projects are just all residential maybe a cafe, how about some mixed uses ?). The development is called #studioninerichmond. The new blocks by @hayball_arch are a bit lacking imho.

This is round the back

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