How to wreck a church

Help needed – this is #MaryImmaculateIvanhoe, designed by #MockridgeStahleAndMitchell and built in 1961, and pretty intact – BUT the parish has submitted plans to ruin it – they were going to demolish but I think that better than this mess ! Additions on all sides, with angular and curved walls in brown brick, demolishing the lady chapel and it’s fine #stainedglass, removing the similar screen behind the altar, the original front doors too, louvres over the tall stained glass (why?) and then sticking in little square windows. Grey metal deck everywhere. Surely they could put much of it to the west over/next to the carpark? Leave the street side free at least. The architects are #FTTP. Be good for lots of submissions to @banyulecouncil, saying firstly it should be heritage listed, secondly please do it better ! The application is 2-6 Waverley Avenue Ivanhoe – P648/2019.

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