Mallee dust lands in Melbs

First posted instagram January 23, 2020 

For anyone not from Melbs, this is northern Victoria topsoil /desert dust come loose due to the drought, blown by the storms the last few days, then dumped by yesterday’s downpour. I read it on the news then was surprised walking down the street it was literally everywhere ! Caught in all the cracks of the asphalt and bluestone, on every horizontal surface, so sad, another example of the crazy weather global warming is bringing up – and while it poured in Melb and parts of Qld and NSW and giant hail too, smashing cars in Canberra, the fires arnt completely out, threatening more towns in NSW today. This is the result of just 1* ! Which I’ve just learned means that the weather everywhere moves more slowly, and so the high fronts stay around longer, drying things out more, and making the maximum temps a LOT more than 1* more like 3 extra, in my city anyway. Used to be 43 was omg it’s so hot now we get 46, and over 40 far more often.

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