High Victorian in St Vincent Place, Albert Park

First posted 9 February 2020

An amazing OTT #highvictorian terrace house at 20 #StVincentPlace, #AlbertPark, largely hidden by trees (but found a photo from 1967). Has this crazy parapet that continues around the wing walls, never seen that before. Not #heritagelisted individually (only as part of the precinct) so no research, but those little cherubs acting as brackets often used by #NormanHitchcock, who mostly worked in the inner north, but also at least once by #FrederickDeGaris, who practiced in SthM/ StKilda, and also loved to pile on the detailing. So I’m guessing this is him, and def between 1888-1891, but then half of Victorian melbs built then.

Fantastic #castironfence and gate at 20 #StVincentPlace, #AlbertPark. Would have been specially cast, since it’s panels not #pickets, on a high base, rarely seen in melbs (but typical of Adelaide), though likely still from a catalogue.

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