St Peter & St Paul, South Melbourne, Church school and father Bob !

Original post 12 February 2020

#StPeterAndStPaul’s church (#FatherBobMaguire !) in #SouthMelbourne is a fine bluestone design with a lovely #rosewindow and engaged turret thing next to the tower, designed by #TAKelly (a good Irish Catholic I presume) built 1869-72 – but sadly the tower was never finished, though might have looked ok with a better top to it. So many churches never got their spire. First two pics are mine, the rest from the internet. A fine, fairly typical nave interior, with Gothic arcades and a trussed timber ceiling, but then it goes off in a different direction for the crossing and sanctuary, with wide plastered vaulting, an odd decision made 40 years later when this end was finally built, designed by #BatesPeeblesAndSmart. Oh, and great image of a lady organist from 1883, am ad I think for the organ that was installed then, the bigger pipes still there attached to a new organ.This rather special thing was built as the primary school, attached to #StPeterAndStPaul, #SouthMelbourne, in 1891. It’s boxy and classical with #QueenAnne detailing and huge parapet gable things, whereas the church is bluestone Gothic. But never mind, I like them both! Also this is now a nice looking cafe, Italian of course.

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