Queen Anne Bank with tower, Clifton Hill, 1889

Original post 4 March 2020

Always a fave, love the way it thrusts out of the low scale #shoppingstrip of #queensparadecliftonhill, right were there’s a bend, such a landmark – and it’s all about the roof, the walls are actually pretty plain. It was quite a statement by the #LondonCharteredBank in #1889. Almost all banks in Victoria from the #landboom years of the 1880s were conservative classical revival, but not this one ! Designed by #OakdenAddisonandKemp whose partnership was brief and best known for the #APIBuilding, a 12 storey skyscraper in elizabeth street built the same year (but dem in 1981). It was a lot like this with same #turret and #redbrick – this is a mini version.

Match 2019

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