Shop tops, Bridge Road, Richmond

Original post 6 March 2020

It pays to look up sometimes ! Spotted on #BridgeRoadRichmond, some #highvictorian deliciousness, everything scrolled and curly, lady faces in the #pediments, and a great serrated explosion of an #acroterion on top ! And all in green.

Original post 13 May 2020

A shot from just ‘before’, interesting shops on #BridgeRoadRichmond, showing various probably early alterations; the arches upstairs presumably originally verandahs, so infilled, one lot with just windows, the other with wall and window inset (or I could be wrong, perhaps always like this, but I don’t know any other shops or houses built like this). Also the ground on one side is also verandah arches, implying it wasnt a shop originally, but has prob been one for a long time.

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