Too shiny on Collins Street; but the setbacks work.

Original post 15 October 2019

I’m quite surprised to see that the stepping back then forward again, normally a no-no, works in this case- prob because it’s such a high gap, and effectively puts the tower above the National Bank next door, plus the stepped levels are very plain, just background. The setback is 6m for 4 floor then 5 for 2, then 4m (rules since 2013 when this got a permit make the min 5m). #CollinsHouse by #batessmart.

So bloody shiny ! The heat from the reflection almost much as from the sun itself ! I think. #CollinsHouse, 466 #CollinsSteet, #batesmart, is super skinny, cantilevers over the 1940 #NationalBankWesternHouse, uses prefabricated and monocoque construction, and it’s shiny.

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