A facade and a rebuilt interior – Huddart Parker, Collins Street, 1908

Original post 15 October 2020

The facade of the 1908 #HuddartParker shipping co by #CharlesDEbro at 466 #CollinsStreet has been restored rather well – all the windows lost at ground level have been reinstated (in #bluestone! also swapping the door to the uphill side); the only thing missing is reinstating the areas of tile, which was on the plans but hasn’t happened. And it’s only a facade ☹️ but with a recreated chamber inside 😊

This is entirely new ! A #heritagecompromise that I helped achieve – this is the 1908 #HuddartParker offices at 466 #CollinsStreet now #CollinsHouse, a #penciltower of apartments by #batessmart. They were going to just demolish the interior, but we convinced them to reconstruct it !Further forward and slightly larger spacing, but they’ve done a good job. The main purpose is so that the facade isn’t just that, there’s something relevant behind it, even if it’s a reproduction.

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