Tram Shelter, St Kilda Road, 1915

Original post 14 March 2020

What could be more Melbourne than this cute rustic #StKildaRoad #tramshelter? Located on the corner of Commercial Road, it was built in 1915, and designed by #LeonardJFlannagan, architect for the municipal #PrahranAndMalvernTramwaysTrust. It survived fine for 90 years, got restored in 1996, then virtually destroyed by a car in 2000, then rebuilt, then scorched by fire in Oct 2013, repaired again, now closed off. I reckon it should be moved across the road where it can serve as a bus stop, or even better move the cars, widen the #tramstop, and use it there ! Ps I provided advice for the restoration in 1996, choosing this traditional ‘tramways green and cream’ for all the shelters, rather than whatever scheme each one was in its first years, because they varied a lot, though always green and cream. Plus the industrial light, the closest to the older wire-cage protected lights, I think there was one left.

My photo from Oct 2013

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