3 relocated sculptures at McClelland

Original post 18th March 2020

I’m pretty sure this was originally in the Bourke St undercroft of the #StateBankCentre Galleria, where it made more sense, stopping just short of the waffle slab roof (forgot to check artist and date). Still pretty dramatic. The #McClellandSculpturePark is home to lots of #publicart that new building owners didn’t want. Update : it’s Paesaggio Cariatide (!), #NormaRedpath, 1985, cast in Milan. I’m sure the Italians wouldn’t let their public sculptures before shunted off like this, even if privately owned.

I recognised this straight away; it’s now on the back wall near the loading dock of the #McClellandSculpturePark bit it used to be on the side wall of the Astrojet Centre at #Tullamarine ! The place with the model of the airport with planes on a Perspex track. It’s by #LentonParr, from 1970, and was sent here in 2004.

This piece at the #McClellandSculpturePark used to be in the back garden at the NGV – I was surprised they de-accessioned it, I guess it was more like okay equipment than a sculpture by a noted artist ? I remember playing in it maybe in the early 70s. Update : not de-accessioned but in loan (didn’t want it but didn’t want to give it away!), and it’s by #PeterCorlett, 1969, called the Tarax play sculpture.

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