Not a great replacement in Crossley Lane

Original post 14 October 2020

Someone sent me a photo of the poor abandoned warehouse on the left from above showing it without the roof – but I can’t find it now … again please ? Also looking back at the council report from 2016 about this, I’m even more annoyed that the owners were allowed to get away with #demolitionbyneglect (though it’s unclear where it was a fire or part demolition, or a previous owner) and the planners incorrectly thought the warehouse facade had been greatly altered (it’s just painted) and they were quite enthusiastic about the the replacement being ‘a building of quality’ and ‘an eloquent complement to the streetscape’ – but I think everyone is a bit overexcited about a #glassblock wall building that glows, another was proposed for a Guildford lane, where the planners said ‘it stretched credibility of being ‘in keeping’ with the laneway’ which I agree with. I guess different planners ! Also now that I’ve seen @clarecousins #CcaLightbox in Collingwood, I’m afraid this one by @cactusarchitects just doesn’t measure up.

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