Holyman House, Flinders Street, 1858

Original post 21 March 2020

You might not recognise this but it’s still there ! #HolymanHouse, an unassuming but rare survivor from the 1850s on #FlindersStreet cnr Market Street, originally facing the first river port, hence the adjacent Customs House. Built 1858 for the huge wool exporters #GoldsboroughMort, designed by John Gill, who had been a noted architect in the 1840s, before anyone thought there was any gold. It’s #bluestone, which you can just see behind the paint. It’s been called Holyman house since at least the 50s, when it was probably converted to offices; the photo is from 1963. Very much derived from English #RenaissanceRevival precedents eg Charles Barry’s 1841 London #ReformClub, which had become a standard form similar to this in Melb by the 1850s for all sorts of buildings but esp warehouses.

Extra info : Holyman was originally a shipping company, that moved into airlines in the 1930s, becoming ANA, evolving later into Ansett.

4 thoughts on “Holyman House, Flinders Street, 1858

  1. Hi Rohan, do you know what the building is to the right of Holyman House and whether there are any pics of this and whatever else was between here and Fletcher Jones, prior to the PoMo carpark being built.? thanks Gary


  2. Holyman House was the Melbourne headquarters of Australian National Airways (1936-57), named after the founder, Ivan Holyman.


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